Why is it important to learn to read a map

If everyone who went out into the British hills knew how to navigate well the job of the Mountain Rescue teams would be considerably easier. Bad navigation can lead to groups becoming lost and disorientated, getting onto steep, dangerous ground and being out much longer than planned which can cause exhaustion and lead on to […]

Which path should I take?

There is an extremely high standard of mapping available in the UK and we are very lucky to be able to use highly detailed Ordnance Survey maps wherever we go. With practice these maps can tell us everything we need to know to get ourselves from A to B safely. However one area that often […]

Understanding Magnetic Variation

If you have ever been taught how to take a compass bearing you might recognise the term “magnetic variation”.   Perhaps whilst you were in the Scouts or studying O-Level Geography you carefully learned, “Grid to Mag add, Mag to Grid get rid” or you used some other method to help you remember how to convert […]