How to choose the right rock climbing shoes for you

Read this guide before you buy your next pair of climbing shoes. The right pair of rock climbing shoes can make all the difference to your climbing success. Gone, hopefully are the days of squeezing your feet into a pair two sizes too small and with a bit of help you can choose the right […]

The best multi-pitch rock climbs in Langdale

The breathtakingly beautiful Langdale valley is right in the heart of the Lake District National Park.  Some of the best rock climbs in the country are here, all within easy reach of each other.   There are lots of fantastic easier graded routes making it a great place to practice when you are first starting out […]

How many days does it take to learn to lead a rock climb safely?

We are often asked how long it takes to learn to lead a rock climb.  Of course the answer varies massively from person to person and depends on your previous experience, levels of confidence and ability to take in lots of important, new information.  However, we have found that, on average, a five day course offers an […]

Movement Skills for Rock Climbing

It is commonly believed that you just need brute strength to get to the top of a rock climb but nothing could be further from the truth.  Climbing is a fascinating sport because it requires a near-equal balance of mental, technical and physical skills.  Unravelling the puzzle of linking one move to the next has been compared, […]