What is your winter mountaineering instructor thinking?

As you watch your highly qualified winter mountaineering instructor glide seemingly effortlessly across the snow you might wonder what on earth they are thinking about. Are they planning their dinner for that night? Or wishing they were somewhere warmer? Chances are they will be thinking about the plans and route for the day and constantly […]

How to plan a winter mountain day

The stakes are a lot higher in winter so whether you are going for a walk, mountaineering along a ridge or hoping to complete an ice climb it is important to put a bit of time and effort into planning your journey. You should always check the weather forecast before you choose your route and use the […]

Winter skills course FAQ’s

1. What is a Winter Skills Course? A winter skills course is an introduction to walking in snowy and icy conditions. The exact content of the course will depend on snow conditions but we will probably cover the following topics: personal kit, competent movement skills on snow including step kicking, use of an ice axe […]